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Internet search engine has became the primary way for people to obtain information. With the rapid growth of data volume, only a handful of search engines have sufficient resources to maintain a relative high coverage. However, with the emergence of content farms, the quality of search results has droped. The authoritative evaluation method based on link analysis has been broken, and people are paying a heavy price for decision-making based on false information.

We believe that the results of search for fact can and should be more reliable. Rather than following the "artificial intelligence" scammers to find gold in the huge landfill of big data, it is better to base on a small number of structured data sources with high-quality. Undoubtedly, it is difficult to satisfy the demand for novelty, but we can try to guide this kind of search to other search engines.

Therefore, as a group of realistic idealists, we use our own money, our spare time, and our technical skills to build an information retrieval system. Here come,

Chung Kwong, Chan
Chief engineer of the Localworm Studio